Who we work with...

No company is too big or too small. We have collaborated with professional sports teams, transportation, healthcare organizations, consumer packaged goods, retail, education, technology companies, and luxury lifestyle brands to increase sales, get more people talking about their brand, and enhance their digital footprint.

What we do...

We specialize in growing brands using digital marketing tools, such as social media, online advertising, web development, video production, email marketing, and digital PR. Having worked with a variety of industries, LIFT combines its communications expertise with an extensive understanding of today’s online world.

The #1 reason clients hire us is because of our expertise in creating a digital strategy that shapes the consumer journey, both online and offline. The #2 reason is because of our proprietary process of leveraging BIG DATA to create hyper-targeted digital campaigns. As an example, one of our yachting clients hired us because we are able to target the Top 1% of the wealthiest online users in the United States who like to go boating with user specific advertisements across over 2 million websites.

Simply put... We create campaigns that help you tell your story and then get that story in front of the people who matter most.

Our targeting parameters include location, age, gender, income, education, household composition, political preferences, shopping habits, travel habits, interests, and online behavioral patterns. We love to get granular with audience segmentation, because if you can speak directly to your customers, then you are 10X more likely to grab their attention and earn their business.